By Matti, 5 September 2010

Halion is a fun boss with a good amount of personal responsibility. He's not as hard as the Lich King, but there's still plenty of ways to wipe and naturally we discovered all of them.

Anyway, with this boss down, it appears we've now cleared all of the content in the expansion!

Lich King Heroic

By Matti, 2 August 2010

Well this took a while. Definitely the hardest boss in the expansion, and the amount of wipes we've had on this is unbelievable. That said though, I'm sure we could have killed the boss with the 20% buff (that's when we hit phase 3 for the first time anyway), but apparently when it's summer people go outside and do other things :(

Of course we had the traditional Heretic 1% (11%) wipe first. To be honest I wish that would have been the kill, because it would have saved some of our raiders from post traumatic stress disorder, and it would have made the end of the kill video more exciting, but oh well.

A special thanks to everyone in and not in the raid who kept showing up for wipe after wipe for this boss whose only reward is an ugly horse mount and two weapons with the same models as normal mode.

All this said, there is definitely a lot of things wrong with this fight. It's a well-known fact that if you complain about a boss before you've killed it, you're a whiny bitch, and if you complain after you've killed it, it's constructive criticism from an expert in the field. So let's see...

I'd estimate 50% of our wipes were in phase 1, most of them from shambling horror tank deaths, and this ratio barely improved at all over the months. I'm not sure who thought it would be a good idea to put two mobs on a tank that both have two enrages and can hit for 90k each, but he needs to get himself checked out.

Defile sometimes randomly coming before the val'kyrs when you're expecting it to be the other way around is really fun. And by fun I mean fucking annoying, just like when the val'kyrs all decide to grab a healer each.

You also want to bring as many warlocks as possible, partly because they can escape the val'kyrs, but most importantly because they can soulstone the warrior tank who is practically guaranteed to die several times on every pull. To Soul Reaper. Or, you know, to a melee swing.

Lich King 10 man Heroic

By Matti, 10 May 2010

"What was that?"
"Oh, just a warrior tank..."

This kill brought to you by Red Bull - keeping you awake

By Matti, 12 April 2010

Terrible boss. Mind-numbingly boring. Annoying voice. Annoying mechanics. It's like they let the guy who made Gurtogg Bloodboil out of his cage.

Good news everyone!

By Matti, 8 April 2010

Probably the best boss in Icecrown, a very fun fight and quite challenging as well. As always, we had to figure out every possible way to wipe before killing it.