Shade of Aran down

By Matti, 13 May 2007

After many, many weeks of bad luck, silly mistakes and just generally crappy sub 10% wipes...

Romulo and Julianne also died quite a while ago but I don't think anyone bothered to make a screenshot :P

Crone and Curator killed

By Matti, 28 March 2007

Moroes, Maiden of Virtue and Big Bad Wolf down

By Matti, 4 March 2007

This is what happens when you leave me out of the raid.

Attumen the Huntsman down

By Matti, 16 February 2007

Horse no more!

Site up, bosses down

By Matti, 17 December 2006

As you can see, is up and running :)

Also, we killed all ZG bosses and Onyxia on our first guild raid yesterday.