Leotheras and Doomwalker deaded

By Matti, 26 October 2007

After the obligatory 1% wipe, we killed Leotheras. Very fun fight!

After that we paid Doomwalker a visit. The hardest part about Doomwalker is positioning for a screenshot while mobs are spawning on top of you (or maybe we're just stupid).

Solarian moonfired

By Matti, 24 October 2007

Easier than Attumen the Huntsman... until someone decides to blow you up. Our advanced tactic of 'running away' took some time to develop, but eventually got us a kill.

Karathress down

By Matti, 13 October 2007

Yeah so this guy isn't hard at all, but the shaman add owes me a few gold for repair bills...

Morogrim deaded

By Matti, 10 October 2007

After some weeks of slacking raid attendance we decided to kill Morogrim!

Doom Lord Kazzak down

By Matti, 9 September 2007

Second attempt! Right click and loot, pretty much.