Nice timing

By Matti, 9 February 2008


Hi Winterchill, bye Winterchill

By Matti, 8 February 2008

This is a boss?

Kael'thas Sunstrider strides no more

By Matti, 8 February 2008

What can I say? Best fight in the game so far. Great job everyone!

Vashj rhymes with... dead?

By Matti, 20 January 2008

A good night for Heretic! While I went out and got drunk*, the rest of the guild went out to poke Vashj. Yeah, it took some time, but the result wasn't bad: 25 players alive when the last mob left in SSC died. Of course, I'm not entirely sober at the time of writing so maybe I just fell for a large hoax set up by the guild to make me look like an idiot. If that's the case, they certainly made a pretty nice fake screenshot. Okay really then, good job everyone and thanks to Phantasia from Nifelheim for helping with the tactics :) Time to wipe on Kael!

*I do not advocate alcohol in any way. Everyone who's been guilded with me and Thrugg for more than a day will agree that it does nothing to enhance brain performance.

Al'ar shot down

By Matti, 2 December 2007

With no proof whatsoever (the corpse despawned before we managed to get a proper lineup for the screenshot) I will try to make you believe that we killed Al'ar. Well you should believe me anyway, because this boss was easy.