About Bloodboil (who is dead... for now)

By Matti, 4 April 2008

Allow me to whine.

This is the worst fucking fight in the entire game. This boss is a failure in game design in each and every aspect, and I mean that. I've seen some stupid bosses -Gruul, Morogrim and Hydross come to mind- but this gimmick douchebag beats them all. Besides requiring an absurd amount of healers for the fight that you wouldn't use in a normal raid, the tank transitions and especially fel rage are based on pure luck. It's like playing Russian roulette, except Russian roulette is less dangerous for your health because it gives you bigger chances of survival. Even if you lose with Russian roulette you can be sure that you had more fun than you would have had on this boss, which is the main reason why both my wall and my head currently have pretty big holes in them.

Fel rage on a mage is a perfect way to make sure that your chances of killing the boss are diminished to less than 1%. But wait, clothies aren't the only people in a raid, right? Too bad warriors can't even get the fucking fel rage - because it wouldn't be fun if someone with a chance of surviving could get it, now would it?

In the end we countered gimmick with gimmick. A shadowpriest specced to discipline for pain suppression turned out to be the key. Good thing that shadowpriests aren't any use in this fight anyway, because of the retarded aggro mechanics.

I'm not even happy this guy is dead, because I know he'll respawn next week. To whoever designed Gurtogg Bloodboil: thanks, asshole.

Archimonde exploded

By Matti, 2 March 2008

As this fight is a retard check, I think it's quite impressive that we managed to kill this guy with several Norwegians in the raid!

Azgalor down

By Matti, 27 February 2008

Now all the easy bosses are out of the way, it's time for some good cratering fun with Archimonde!

Teron Gorefiend terrorized

By Matti, 24 February 2008

Key to this fight? Hope your only DPSers (read: melee) don't get the ghost debuff so the useless mages can waste their time being dead in the corner. Bwhaha!

Heretic and Morogrim featured in Games For Windows magazine

By Matti, 19 February 2008

Someone decided that our Morogrim killshot would be a good addition to their column in Games For Windows magazine about large guilds in MMORPGs being impersonal and progression-centered. For reasons best known to himself, this man decided to go on a melancholical rant about his old Ultima Online guild and how it was so much better than today's Guild Wars and World of Warcraft guilds. I cry tears for you every night, my bespectacled friend.

He's right, too. We don't actually have officers in Heretic, we are in fact Third Reich sympathizers with a strong desire to make our members' lives as painful as possible. In any case, I suppose I should be honoured that someone thought my screenshot was of high enough quality for press work. And people always tell me I'm a terrible photographer! Say, Games For Windows, if I promise not to sue you for posting this invaluable, trademarked, copyrighted and patented screenshot, I'm sure you won't mind me posting the page upon which your columnist spouted this bullshit - right?

PS. It's the February issue if anyone wants to read it - thanks to Stomp for pointing this out!