3 new bosses down

By Kroft, 9 January 2011

Killed 3 new bosses today taking our total to 11/12 25 man kills on our second "official" raid night. We've done a few casual raids upto this point and killed a few bosses previously but I personally wasn't expecting to ONE SHOT FUCKING CHO'GALL 25!

I have no idea what the hell happened but the raid suddenly decided to learn to play, dealt with the big ogre/eyeball/shadowy/tentaclerape encounter admirably. I was completely shocked especially since half of them seemed to not understand what the lightning rod debuff does on the ascendant council and seemed to decide that the best place to stand with it was right next to the biggest group they could find.. eventually we got lucky though and ganked them.

Oh and we kill chimaeron 25 for the first time too, quite fun last phase and we learned something quite extraordinary - a ret paladin that actually did something non retarded and dare I say it...useful...which made a refreshing change.

Never Again!

By Kroft, 2 January 2011

So today heretic decided to take a trip to a wind farm and have a look at how we could help the environment...conclave of wind inc are the solution to all of azeroths energy problems!

What a retarded, buggy pile of shit that encounter turned out to be, its fun jumping from one platform to the other only to find yourself hurtling into the wild blue yonder at 10,000 mph.. plus with the added extra super happy fun time bonus of RNG stat loot.

We also managed to kill al'akir too but that was only on easy mode 10 man so it doesn't really count.

Atramedes Down!

By Kroft, 20th December 2010


Different mechanics take time to get used to and that was quite evident with that kill! People seemed to enjoy making a lot of noise and enjoying the toasty heat of the fires a little too much.

25 Man raids start a bit early!

By Kroft, 19th December 2010

So after much bitching and whining we took 10 people in decent heroic gear and 15 scrubs in greens to try some new bosses and get some loot.

First up was the new pinata in Tol Barad - joke encounter, afterwards to wash the unclean feeling of doing a voa type boss we took a dip into Vashj'ir and killed the shark. Why? simply because he has the temerity to drop no loot.

Next was Magmaw, as skilled as some of us are in manipulating huge worms the majority let us down with their bad handling of their little worms.. thankfully lawler's experience in dealing with small maggots enabled us to get the kill.

Finally we tried Maloriak and even having a scrub warrior tank with scrub 140k hp we managed to score a kill and some more free loot

Not a bad evening seeing as we don't start official 25 man raids till jan 6th. (Oh and we killed some stuff in 10 man but who gives a fuck about that crap)