Atramedes Silenced!

By Kroft, 21 Februar 2011

Heroic Atramedes - Muted.

Suprisingly simple compared to maloriak, only thing that can really wipe you is failing at a mechanic that exists in normal mode. You get punished more severely for letting those gold really huge really visible discs hit you and tend to assplode much easier on heroic... thats about it.. oh and it has little imp adds with laughable hp.

Simple in theory, Surprisingly simple in practice for most of us, a few seemed to enjoy being sound whores though! We managed a kill eventually.

2 Heroic kills in a week, nae bad at all.

In true heretic style, we always have problems with basic movement stuff, so we came up with the perfect tactic and the perfect picture to follow if getting lost.

Maloriak Heroic Down!

By Kroft, 21 February 2011

Heretic - Slayers of stupid, incompetent and disappointing minions. (YES we got a temporary title that proudly announces we are the best at killing ourselves when we suicide off the elevator for the fifteenth time that evening)

So Heroic Maloriak, Aside from the usual increases in health and damage done that you typically get with heroic encounters, this time around we have Nefarian meddling in the mechanics of the fight. The normal fight consists of red, blue and green phases. The heroic version adds a dark phase which involves killing adds and dodging pools against a moderate timer. Twice.

This was really fun, thankfully all our practice with heroic Lich King defiles heped us avoid standing in the black crap on the ground.. or at least you'd think that.. right?


(Oh and we lost another raider but thankfully it was a shitty paper tank DK and we got a new prot pala app in return which kinda helped on the whole tank 15 adds at once thing.)

Chimaeron is no more!

By Kroft, 6 February 2011

So.... "nefarians greatest creation"

On heroic? Not that different to normal mode really (for dps anyway) healers coped well, tanks got their shit together - much easier for us to handle than halfus in my opinion. Conclave next and I don't mind saying how much I'm looking forward to it.. honestly.

Better late than never!

By Kroft, 3 February 2011

Halfus Heroic - Early birds get the Wyrm!

Except this wasn't an early kill, it took us fucking forever. Nice to have ALL our raiding shamans quit on us just as we start this fight, not like they are the best class for stopping shadow nova or anything. After a main rerolled to their shaman alt (Thanks moralian) we started learning the fight whilst also dealing with slack attendance and general bad internet problems that heretic enjoys oh so much.

The fight is a pretty big step up from all normal encounters as you'd expect you essentially have no space for error and have to deal with elaborate tanking/add management strategies. We even had to use an offspec tank in the end, but it was all worth it and we finally got on track again...

Blackwing Descent cleared!

By Kroft, 16 January 2011

Finally killed the last normal mode encounter available after our second real night of attempts, didn't help to start the evening with some drama and losing two people we've wasted loot on but ah well nevermind eh? Now we can sit in org with our new scrub titles and begin bashing our heads against heroic modes.

oh and wtb no guild rep cap so I can buy the phoenix. QQ.

Kiting makes that fight really, if you can manage to keep the tank up thats doing that fucking nightmare of a task you're golden, testa did a really good job of it and we managed to stop blast wave from blowing our faces off which helped tremendously.